Patient Financial Assistance

All patients deserve access to high-quality health care, regardless of their ability to pay. UNM Health offers programs and services to help patients find resources and get the care they need.

Financial Resources

We help patients apply for Centennial Care 2.0, New Mexico’s Medicaid program. We can also help patients get affordable coverage through the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) or New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool.

Bernalillo County residents who meet certain income guidelines may qualify for medical assistance through UNM Care. This program covers expenses for underinsured patients and provides secondary insurance for those with Medicare and/or commercial insurance coverage who have outstanding balances at UNM Health.

When you get care, you’ll make a co-payment for clinic visits, prescriptions, specific procedures, surgeries and admission. Co-pays are based on your gross monthly income.

Find out if you qualify. Call 505-272-2521 to make an appointment with a patient financial services representative.

Our Financial Assistance team will complete the application with you and ask you to bring supporting documentation which could include what is listed in these links:

New Mexicans can access quality care at UNM Health centers or through our community partners, including:

If you live in Sandoval County and meet certain income guidelines, you may qualify for medical assistance through SRMC Care, a UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center program.

If you apply for SRMC Care, you must also apply for Medicaid or the health insurance exchange, if eligible. You may get SRMC Care until you receive Medicaid eligibility or coverage through the insurance exchange.

Find out if you qualify. Call 505-994-7157 to make an appointment with a patient financial services representative.

Please fill out an application and bring the completed form to your appointment:

Patients who do not qualify for insurance or financial assistance may qualify for our self-pay discount program. This program can reduce hospital and physician charges by 45% for residents of New Mexico.

The self-pay discount program is available for residents of Bernalillo County who meet certain guidelines. Residents of other New Mexico counties may also qualify, depending on the medical services needed.

After applying for the program, you will be asked to make a down payment based on what was approved by Patient Financial Assistance.

Find out if you qualify. Call 505-272-2521 to make an appointment with a patient financial services representative. Please bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • Proof of residency, such as a utility bill, rental agreement or mortgage statement in your name
  • Proof of income, such as a check stub or income tax returns
  • Most recent bank statement, if you have an account

When you get care at UNM Health, you’ll get two bills: one from UNM Hospitals and one from UNM Medical Group, Inc. for physicians’ charges.

To make payment arrangements for the hospital bill, call 505-272-2521.
To make payment arrangements for UNM Medical Group bill, call the number on your bill.

If you get care at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center, expect to receive a third bill with a number you can call to make payment arrangements.

Patient Financial Services can help you set up affordable payment plans to cover out-of-pocket health care expenses over time, instead of all at once. Call to create a payment plan: