The Arts-in-Medicine (AIM) program at UNM Hospital encourages healing through creative arts and movement. We offer patients, families, health care workers and our community a range of activities including:

  • Life review, self-reflection, guided imagery, deep breathing, relaxation techniques, meditation and mindfulness
  • Massage, energy work, yoga, tai chi, qigong and essential oils
  • Music, visual art, dance, poetry and creative writing

AIM served 32,000 New Mexicans from September 2016 to March 2017. You do not need creative experience or skills to participate in AIM—just an open mind and a willingness to try something new.

AIM is a partnership between UNM Health System and the University of New Mexico’s Fine Arts department. To learn more, contact program coordinator at or at 505-277-0404.

Benefits & Opportunities

For Patients and Families

Creative activities can be a powerful tool to help ease the psychological side effects of illness—anxiety, discomfort, restlessness, isolation and depression. Physical movement has been proven to help reduce stress levels, improve mood and encourage a faster recovery.

For Health Care Workers & the Community

Art and movement enrich the lives of health care workers by reducing anxiety and the stress that comes with being in a hospital environment. AIM programs offer caregivers an opportunity for self-expression, as well as opportunities to develop skills in empathy, communication and self-awareness.

For our community, AIM offers opportunities to enjoy lectures, workshops, community projects, concerts and more.

AIM programs at UNM Hospitals include:

  • Art, live music, storytelling, drumming and creative movement for Adult Psychiatric Center patients
  • Drumming, art and creative movement for Children’s Psychiatric Center patients
  • Live music and open art studio in the Adult ER waiting room
  • Massage, live music and art at the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Mindfulness, qi gong, arts and music at the Clinical Neurosciences Center
  • Nite Lite provides music, art, storytelling, healing touch and life review at the bedside for palliative care patients, in ICUs and through a referral
  • Open art studios in the Carrie Tingley Unit and Pediatric Dermatology Clinic

AIM programs for health care workers and community members include:

  • All-day or half-day retreats
  • Guest lectures, presentations and workshops
  • Healing Arts Certificate Program
  • Health Sciences Center Orchestra
  • Lines Across Time: The Memory Booth Project for Veterans and Service Members
  • Music and Dance Concert Series at UNMH Pavilion Café
  • Self-tuning sessions, massage, art, creative writing and live music at UNMH
  • Various community projects throughout New Mexico