About Your UNM Health Bill

At UNM Hospital or Sandoval Regional Medical Center, you can expect two bills for your care—one from the provider or medical group and one from the facility. On each bill, you will see your account number, your name, and the amount you owe. See what UNM Health bills look like.

You may get more additional bill statements for:

  • Outpatient procedures such as lab work or imaging tests.
  • Pharmacy services.
  • SRMC specialists such as anesthesiologists, emergency physicians or radiologists. Please call the phone number on your statement for questions regarding SRMC charges.

Pay your bill online. Use our safe and secure online portal to pay your bill. Please have your account number handy (you can find it on your billing statement).

UNMH Bill Support

Questions about your billed amount or your statement? We’ll walk you through your charges and answer your questions.

In-Network & Out-of-Network

Your cost will vary depending on your insurance plan and what it covers:

  • In-network providers are supported by your insurance company—visiting an in-network provider results in less cost to you.
  • Out-of-network providers do not have an agreement with your insurance company. You will have to pay a higher cost for their services.

Before your appointment, call your insurance to find out which providers are in-network. While a hospital may be in-network, a doctor in the hospital may be out-of-network. View a list of major insurers we accept.

Surprise Medical Bills

"Surprise medical bills" are when you get an unexpected bill for that care. The Surprise Billing Act protects patients from unexpected billing costs. This means that you may receive separate bills for your out-of-network provider.

Call 505-272-0572 to find out if UNMH accepts your insurance for non-emergency services.

SRMC Bill Support

Connect with the Sandoval Regional Medical Center Patient Financial Services team. We’ll help you understand your SRMC statement.