Nursing Education

At UNM Health, you’ll find the support you need to advance your career in nursing. If you’re an aspiring nurse or a recent graduate of nursing school, explore internships, residency programs and other nursing opportunities that allow you to build skills.

When you begin work at one of our hospitals, a thorough orientation process will help you lay the foundation for success. Take advantage of continuing education courses in a variety of disciplines, and ask about tuition reimbursement for classes and certification exam fees.

Clinical Educators

As experienced health care professionals, UNM Health’s clinical nurse educators develop, teach and evaluate classes that help you meet requirements for continuing education and national nursing certifications. Nurse educators also serve as a resource and role model for clinicians. Our educators work in a variety of specialties, including surgery, cardiopulmonary critical careneurosciencestrauma and emergency serviceswomen’s health and more.

Unit-Based Educators

Unit-based nurse educators:

  • Use clinical research and knowledge of health care trends to develop staff and patient educational programs.
  • Work with clinical educators, clinical nurse specialists, specialty nurses and unit directors to implement educational programs.
  • Evaluate policies, procedures and the patient care environment to improve safety.
  • Help ensure nurses follow hospital and departmental policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Develop patient care plans and encourage patients to ask questions and report care that doesn’t seem right.
  • Consult with the multidisciplinary team and serve as a clinical resource.
  • Work as staff nurses.