Nursing Vision, Mission & Philosophy Statements

Vision: Our Aspiration

The University of New Mexico Hospitals will be the leader in the practice of professional nursing in the State of New Mexico. The University of New Mexico Hospitals will be the leader in the practice of professional nursing in the State of New Mexico, and to be among the best academic health centers in the nation in nursing education, nursing research and practice excellence in patient care.

Mission: Our Purpose at the State's Only Academic Medical Center

Education, Research, Practice: Teach, Discover, Heal

We see nursing as a blend of art and science based on knowledge, skill, integrity, experience and incredibility. Our mission is to return the patient to their family and community with a maximum potential for health and productivity or maintain the patient's comfort and dignity until death.


The nursing staff at University of New Mexico Hospitals believes that our fundamental commitment is to deliver quality nursing care to our patients in a safe environment. Our vision as an academic medical center is to be the health care provider and the employer of choice in New Mexico.

We uphold the Health Science Center mission and vision and honor our role as part of a teaching institution. We proudly serve as a resource for the provision of health care within New Mexico and the surrounding region.

We deliver quality nursing care by creating a diverse workplace culture that:

  • Recognizes that the patient's biophysical, psychosocial, environmental, self-care, educational and discharge needs are included in the delivery of nursing care.
  • Acknowledges our diverse patient population and provides care respectful of patient ethnicity, creed, nationality, religion, economic status and sexual orientation.
  • Provides and encourages attendance at continuing educational programs for nursing staff that promote professional growth, enhance critical thinking and increase the ability to provide excellent patient care.
  • Supports a climate that values, nurtures and recognizes clinical expertise, education, shared governance and research.
  • Supports evidenced-based research and practice with the purpose of improving patient care.

We are committed to maintaining and continually improving the safety and quality of nursing care through the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of outcomes and resolution of identified issues. We provide quality multidisciplinary nursing care by collaborating with our Health Science Center colleagues. We take seriously our role in educating and are committed to the education and mentoring the of the medical, nursing and allied health students of tomorrow. We treat each other, our patients, visitors and HSC colleagues with dignity and respect in every interaction.

Endorsed by:
Nursing Coordinating Council, April 1, 2016
Nursing Executive Council, April 1, 2016