Nursing Research Opportunities

UNM Health emphasizes evidence-based practice models and research that help nurses provide the safest, most effective and most efficient care possible. As a nurse, you’re part of a team that continually evaluates nursing practices and works to improve them. You’ll have opportunities to contribute to studies in areas such as infection prevention, medication use, pain management, nursing satisfaction, patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Evidence-Based Practice Program

Explore potential improvements to bedside nursing by participating in University of New Mexico Hospitals’ Evidence-Based Practice program – a yearlong, four-hour-per-week initiative that has led to long-term practice changes. Talk to nursing management for more information.

Plan, Do, Study, Act

The plan, do, study, act (PDSA) method tests a change made to nursing practice. Nurses have opportunities to present PDSA initiatives that follow these steps:

  • Plan – Ask who, what, when, where and why; make predictions and plan for data collection.
  • Do – Carry out the plan, document problems and unexpected observations, and begin analyzing data.
  • Study – Finish analyzing data, compare results to predictions and summarize what you learned.
  • Act – Determine what changes need to be made, and plan for the next cycle.

For help with your PDSA project, email Kathy Lopez-Bushnell or call 505-272-1959.

Nursing Research Council

The Nursing Research Council [PDF] at UNM Hospitals provides resources for evidence-based practice and nursing research. Council members include bedside nurses, nursing leadership and nurse educators. You’re welcome to meetings that take place the second Thursday of each month at 11 a.m. at UNM Hospital – Barbara & Bill Richardson Pavilion 1500. To add an agenda item, email Kathy Lopez-BushnellTanya Ggbarney or Julie Yara.

Library Resources

Get help finding information for your research project from Nursing Services Librarian Ingrid Hendrix at or, or visit her nursing resources guide.

See what journals are available electronically through the University of New Mexico’s eJournal Finder. When using your smartphone, browse resources at the Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center’s mobile site.


To request an individual consultation with the director of nursing research, download and fill out the consultation form [PDF]. As a nurse, you also have access to a statistical consultation at the Clinical & Translational Science Center. Consultations are available for your Institutional Review Board application through the Human Research Protections Office.

Publication Workshops

For details about workshops on preparing your articles for publication, call 505-272-1959 or email Kathy Lopez-Bushnell for more information. You can earn continuing education credits for attending a workshop.