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Principal Investigators

Shiraz I Mishra MBBS, PhD

Robert L Rhyne, MD

Research Team

Andrew L Sussman, PhD, MCRP

Richard M Hoffman MD, MPH

Tamar Ginossar, PhD

Dolores Guest, PhD, RD

Erika A Robers, MA

Tawny Wilson Boyce, MS, MPH

Executive Producer

Jeanne Gleason, EdD

Instructional Designer

Barbara Chamberlin, PhD

Studio Production Director

Pamela N Martinez

Art Direction

Adrian Aguirre


Amy Smith Muise

Design & Development

Adrian Aguirre

Kathryn-Mae Eiland

Rene Flores

Studio Support

Stan Carbine

Patricia Clark

Esther Aguirre

Pamela N Martinez

Elizabeth Sohn

Philip McVann

Seth Powers

This research used the facilities or services of the Behavioral Measurement and Population Sciences (BMPS) Shared Resource, a facility supported by the State of New Mexico and the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center P30CA118100.

This project was supported by the National Cancer Institutes and the Cancer Center Support Grant through Grant Number 5P30CA118100.

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