How Hospitals Can Get Involved with Access Telemedicine

At The University of New Mexico ACCESS Telemedicine, we aim to provide on-demand neurology and neurosurgery telehealth consultations to every New Mexico hospital. We are actively recruiting hospitals and specialists to take part in ACCESS Telemedicine. We welcome your interest.

By implementing ACCESS Telemedicine, hospitals can provide better care, help more patients stay close to work and home, and stabilize their provider education and revenue stream. Learn more about how ACCESS Telemedicine works and our hospital partners.

Securing Provider Credentialing for ACCESS Telemedicine

We welcome inquiries from neurologists or neurosurgeons interested in providing telemedicine consultations. Our technology partner, Net Medical Xpress, handles provider credentialing. ACCESS Telemedicine providers must be licensed to practice medicine in New Mexico. Contact:

Dick Govatski
Net Medical Xpress
505-255-1999, ext. 300

Learn More About UNM ACCESS Telemedicine

For more information on joining the UNM ACCESS Telemedicine network, contact us.