Other Considerations for LDCT Screening


  • LDCT screening costs are often covered by insurance, but abnormal results may lead to costly surveillance and diagnostic tests and treatment.
  • The Affordable Care Act mandates coverage for screening, but additional follow-up assessments and treatments may not be fully covered, and patients may face out-of-pocket costs.4


  • Radiation exposure over time can cause cancer and even lead to cancer deaths.
  • Approximately 1 cancer death may be caused eventually (after 10–20 years) from radiation per 2500 persons screened.5

Radiation Comparison6

LDCT Diagnostic CT Annual Background Chest
1.5mSv 7mSv 3-5mSv 0.1mSv 0.4mSv


  • LDCT is available in most major hospitals, but may not be accessible in rural areas.
  • Offer screening only if eligible patients can access appropriate screening and treatment facilities.7

False Sense of Well-Being

  • Negative results may give patients a sense of well-being, and discourage tobacco cessation. Providers should offer cessation counseling to all smokers.8


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