CAP at UNM Hospitals

Grow professionally, earn recognition and reap rewards for your excellence as a nurse in University of New Mexico Hospitals’ Clinical Advancement Program (CAP). When you choose to participate in this program, you’ll focus on:

  • Professional accountability
  • Professional practice competence
  • Educational growth
  • Practice excellence
  • Research use and generation

Clinical Advancement Program Resources

Program Activities

Depending on your experience, certifications and education, you’ll work toward one of five CAP levels that offer increasing compensation over base pay. Help improve nursing practice in your unit and at UNM Hospitals overall as you:

  • Contribute to or lead hospital and clinic councils, task forces and initiatives
  • Complete classes
  • Provide peer review
  • Participate in shared governance and decision-making
  • Continually learn how to better assess, diagnose and treat patients and evaluate their outcomes