UNM ACCESS Telemedicine

UNM Health's Access to Critical Cerebral Emergency Support Services (ACCESS) Telemedicine is available throughout New Mexico, connecting hospitals to on-call expertise in neurology and neurosurgery.

Through ACCESS, UNM experts in conditions such as stroke, brain injury and altered mental status provide real-time, virtual visits with patients and doctors using video technology.

Designed by New Mexico doctors, for New Mexico doctors, the program, based in Albuquerque, is a flexible, affordable option for specialty care. Doctors statewide can confidently make decisions about patient care, while communities benefit from greater access to telestroke and other neurology consultation.

Why Choose ACCESS Telemedicine for Neuro-Emergent Care?

As the state’s only Level 1 Trauma Center, UNM is the New Mexico authority on neuro-emergent care. ACCESS Telemedicine consultation:

  • Empowers providers: Local doctors still make care decisions about their patients, with support via UNM’s expertise. Neurology specialists simply advise, unless patients are transferred to their care. Learn more about how UNM ACCESS Telemedicine works.
  • Advises on the full range of neurology and neurosurgery: Most telemedicine consultation only includes stroke or stroke rule-out. Very few offer neurosurgery expertise. We cover any neurological issue. Read more about the conditions we treat and our role as neuro-emergent care leaders.
  • Offers accessible pricing: ACCESS Telemedicine is a not-for-profit telehealth network. We built our payment model for rural and underserved hospitals. Our partners only pay for what they use. There are no annual subscription fees. See details about our technology requirements and fees and reimbursement.
  • Strengthens hospitals in their communities: Hospitals can take on a greater role as the community’s trusted health partner, with a neurologist “on staff” through virtual consults. Saving up to $40,000 per patient transfer strengthens hospitals financially. Get more information for our hospital partners.
  • Addresses health disparities: Telehealth can level the playing field by bringing specialty emergency consultations to people wherever they live and work. That’s vital in New Mexico, which has a statewide lack of neurologists and neurosurgeons. Read more about ACCESS Telemedicine results and our telemedicine success stories.
  • Educates providers: Providers at partner hospitals can earn CME credits for neurology care education, at no additional cost. We schedule training sessions that work for rural and critical access hospitals with limited staff flexibility. Learn more about our education and training.

About ACCESS Telemedicine

UNM ACCESS Telemedicine is a nonprofit program of The University of New Mexico. The technology is simple to install and use. It uses low-cost, high-definition cameras and videoconferencing systems. Read more about ACCESS Telemedicine.

In the program’s first three years:

  • Nearly 4,000 patients have received consultations.
  • Providers have engaged in 600 hours of training each year.
  • By avoiding unnecessary transports, ACCESS Telemedicine has eliminated $24 million in annual medical costs.

What’s Next for ACCESS Telemedicine

Beginning in 2018, ACCESS Telemedicine became self-sustaining. As the service continues to grow, our goal is to reach every hospital in New Mexico. Partner hospitals can join now. Find out how to get involved.

Given its initial success, the program also has the potential to provide expertise in other specialties requiring emergency care. We’re evaluating whether to expand the program to other regions of the country, as well as to the Indian Health Service. Stay in touch to receive news about ACCESS Telemedicine.