Skin Cancers Team

Services for:
• Basal cell carcinoma
• Squamous cell carincoma
• Melanoma
• Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
• Merkel cell carcinoma
• Other types of rare skin cancers
• All cancer-related skin conditions


Our Skin Cancers Team brings the latest research and treatment from all over the world to help New Mexicans who have been diagnosed with skin cancer or who have cancer-related skin conditions.

To make an appointment, call us at 505-272-4946.

What Each Team Member Offers

Dermatologic Oncologists treat skin cancer, including rare skin cancers and inherited skin cancers. They work with oncologists in other multidisciplinary teams to treat cancer-related skin conditions, such as those that occur from chemotherapy and other drugs.

Our team performs biopsies and simple surgical procedures. They also offer state-of-the-art treatment options for melanoma, including T-VEC (Imlygic®). T-VEC is the first and only improved viral therapy for melanomas that cannot be surgically removed. This treatment is injected directly into the melanoma tumor, where it multiplies inside the cancer cells and destroys them.

Medical Oncologists treat some of the most complex cancers using chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy. They also manage clinical trials in these areas.

Surgical Oncologists surgically remove skin cancers, usually with a portion — called a margin — of normal skin to prevent the cancer from recurring. For melanoma, Merkel cell and other cancers that have a risk for spreading to lymph nodes, our surgeons use a technique called sentinel lymph node biopsy to remove a lymph node to see if the cancer has spread.

Nurse Navigators guide you in your treatment and serve as your regular point of contact.

Advanced Practice Providers may perform certain medical procedures and may give medications or injections under the guidance of a physician. They may also take medical histories or perform medical exams.