Cancer Clinical Trials

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Cancer clinical trials can test and carefully study new methods to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer. 

You may be able to try some of the newest cancer treatments with the greatest promise.

Clinical trials test and carefully study new treatments under strict oversight to protect the people who join them. People who join clinical trials may be able to get treatments that are more effective than current treatments. And, they may feel good about helping scientists and doctors learn about new ways to treat cancer.

The NCI and other leading cancer research institutions sponsor these treatments through clinical trials.

Each clinical trial has a set of conditions that you must meet before enrolling. You will have to talk to your doctor to find out which clinical trials you can join, if any. If you choose to join, our experienced clinical research teams will work closely with you and your doctor while you are in the clinical trial.

The standard treatments we have today help more people survive their cancer than standard treatments people could get years ago. Every standard cancer treatment we have today went through a clinical trial to become the standard.