What We’re Doing to Protect Everyone in Our Building

Our priority is to protect our patients, staff and faculty. These are the updated changes we have made in our clinic to deliver cancer care safely.


We have lifted restrictions on the number of visitors who may accompany a patient in the general areas of the building. But, the following restrictions still apply:

  • Children younger than 14 are not allowed to accompany patients in the Infusion suite. Please do not leave your children unattended while at the UNM Cancer Center.
  • All visitors must be free of COVID-19 symptoms.


Please use one of the patient entrances when you arrive.  The patient entrances are located:

  • At the first floor main entrance on the east side of the building.
  • At the ground floor entrance to Radiation Oncology on the west side of the building.


Wearing a mask is optional in clinical areas. You are welcome to wear a mask (or not) in our clinic. Please respect other people's choices.

Anyone with respiratory symptoms — staff, clinicians and patients — must wear a mask.

Masks may be required as a precaution during times of increased threats from measles, tuberculosis (TB), varicella, COVID, RSV, the flu, and other transmissible diseases.

Masks are encouraged:

  • For face-to-face encounters with patients who are at high risk for transmissible diseases, and
  • When a patient asks for clinicians to wear a mask

More Cleaning

We continue to clean and disinfect frequently.

  • We disinfect all "high touch" areas many times a day. These include elevator buttons, door handles, and railings.
  • We clean all rooms, lobbies and common areas many times during the day. We disinfect these areas each night.
  • We use hospital disinfectant, which has been tested for its ability to get rid of germs.