What We're Doing to Protect Everyone in Our Building

Our priority is to protect our patients, staff and faculty. These are the changes we have made in our clinic to deliver cancer care safely during the COVID-19 global pandemic. See the latest COVID-19 information from the UNM Health Sciences Center, including specific information for UNM HSC patients and the public.

Restricted Access

Everyone who enters the building must be screened. Children younger than 18 are not allowed to accompany patients.

Please use one of the patient entrances when you arrive. The patient entrances are located:

  • At the first floor main entrance on the east side of the building.
  • At the ground floor entrance to Radiation Oncology on the west side of the building.

At each entrance, our staff will ask everyone to answer COVID-19 screening questions and will take everyone’s temperature. If you are cleared for entry, you will be given a band that you must wear while in the building.

Please do not use the administration entrance on the west side of the building. It is reserved for staff and providers only and requires badge access.


Everyone on the premises is required to wear a mask or cloth face covering

  • In the parking lot as you go to and from your vehicle.
  • In the building, when you arrive until you leave.

Your mask or cloth face covering must fit snugly. It should cover your nose and mouth. Avoid adjusting your mask while wearing it.


Currently NM State COVID-19 numbers are decreasing, so we are now allowing one visitor, over the age of 18, to accompany a patient. Children younger than 18 are not allowed to accompany patients.​

Caregivers aged 18 years or older may be allowed for these patients:

  • Pediatric patients
  • New patients (first visit only)
  • Adult patients who cannot give consent for themselves
  • Patients with neurocognitive deficits

Any approved visitor must be COVID-19 symptom-free and wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose at all times while in the building.


  • Bring a mobile device to your appointment so that your family and friends can join you virtually.
  • Our General Services Assistants can help you get around. They can park your car, help you into and out of the building, and transport you within our building.
  • We will also provide needed interpreters.
  • If you feel that you need to bring someone with you, please let our staff know before your appointment so that your request can be addressed.

Social Distancing

Everyone in the building must follow safe social distancing practices.

  • Stay at least 6 feet away from other people inside the building and outside the building.
  • In places where lines form, please wait on the markers that we have placed.

If you would like to convert your visit to a telephone or virtual visit, please let our staff know. We will need to check with your doctor before we can convert your visit.

More Cleaning

We clean and disinfect more often.

  • We disinfect all “high touch” areas many times a day. These include elevator buttons, door handles, and railings.
  • We clean all rooms, lobbies and common areas many times during the day. We disinfect these areas each night.
  • We use hospital disinfectant, which has been tested for its ability to get rid of germs.