Gynecologic Oncology Team

Gynecologic oncologists are unlike any other cancer doctors

They treat only women’s cancers of the reproductive tract — cancers of the ovaries, uterus, cervix, vagina/vulva, and placenta.

And they manage the entire cancer journey. They

  • diagnose cancer, give chemotherapy, and perform surgery;
  • lead the team of other providers such as radiation oncologists, cancer genetic counselors and oncology social workers; and
  • provide follow-up care well into survivorship.

Making Better Treatments

The team at UNM goes even further. Our team conducts ground-breaking research to understand women's cancers and to find new and better ways to treat them. They help to design clinical trials based on their own research. They also take part in national clinical research programs and lead some national teams, bringing other national clinical trials to New Mexico.

Guiding You Through Treatment

Our nurse navigators guide you in your treatment and serves as your regular point of contact. The gynecologic team nurse navigator is Julie Rodriguez, BSN, RN, OCN.

“We operate on patients so we see the tumor, we feel the tumor, we understand it in a different way to be able to do the science and fit the chemotherapy treatments to that person.”

– Carolyn Muller, MD, FACOG
Chief of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology

Muller Image