Head and Neck Cancers Team

The Head and Neck Cancers Team focuses on cancers in the neck and up. These cancers can be particularly complex to treat because of the many different kinds of tissues in this area and the many functions these organs carry out. 

What Each Team Member Offers

Our experts work together to develop each person's care plan. 

Medical Oncologists

Use chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy to treat cancer. They work with the entire team to manage clinical trials.

Surgical Oncologists

Physically remove cancer tumors from the delicate tissues connecting the ears, nose and throat. Our team established the first trans-oral robotic surgery (TORS) program in New Mexico. People eligible for TORS procedures are more likely to recover faster and retain their ability to swallow.

Radiation Oncologists

Kill cancer cells with radiation. They use stereotactic body radiation and intensity modulated radiation therapy, among other techniques, to manage how much radiation reaches tumor cells and to reduce radiation that reaches normal cells.

Oncology Radiologists

Interpret many different kinds of images of the head and neck. They not only find cancer but also help the team understand its extent and impact.

Advanced Practice Providers

Under the guidance of a physician, they may give medications or injections, take medical histories, perform medical exams or perform certain medical procedures.