Early Childhood Evaluation Program (ECEP)

ECEP addresses concerns regarding developmental delay, complex medical conditions, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, behavioral/regulatory issues and other specialized evaluation questions for very young children. We help children birth to age three living in New Mexico.

Our team of professionals includes:

  • A physician or nurse practitioner
  • A psychologist
  • A speech-language pathologists
  • A physical or occupational therapist

Family members are the most important members of the team, though. We also encourage early intervention providers to observe and give feedback.

What We Evaluate

All evaluations are child and family-friendly, play-based and fun. The ECEP travels to many different locations throughout New Mexico to be a helpful resource for families.

In a typical evaluation, we assess:

  • Thinking and problem-solving
  • Social and emotional interactions and engagement
  • Communication, speech, and language abilities and understanding
  • Motor skills and coordination
  • Response to sights, sounds, touch and movement
  • Physical examination and review of medical history