School Services

School-based consultations provide training, technical assistance and intensive mentoring for educational teams working with students with ASD in New Mexico schools. These services promote utilizing evidenced-based practices for supporting special education programs and focus on assessing and developing competencies in the following areas:

  • Assessment and instruction of functional and developmental skills
  • Programming to teach functional communication skills in response to challenging behavior.
  • FBA and BIP development and training.
  • Creating positive instruction and learning environments.
  • Developing comprehension behavior management systems including reinforcement schedules.
  • Improving social communication to increase participation in general education settings.

Online Electronic Briefs, Webinars and Podcasts


Request Services

To learn more or to request our services for your educational team, contact Patrick Blevins MA, BCBA by email at or by calling 505-272-2611 or 505-238-9762.