Analytical and Translational Genomics

The Analytical and Translational Genomics (ATG) Shared Resource provides next-generation sequencing and other genomics related services to UNM Cancer Center members and other users at UNM and affiliated institutions. The primary services involve next-generation sequencing, using the two Ion Proton S5/XL instruments, and associated expert bioinformatics support. These include RNA-seq, targeted DNA sequencing, ChIP-seq and a variety of other assays, many of which can be performed with either research or clinical (e.g. FFPE) samples. The Ion Proton S5/XL instruments are especially suited for analyzing poor quality RNA, e.g. from FFPE material, which are difficult or impossible to analyze using other technologies. The instruments generate up to 100 million reads per sequencing chip, and we strive to provide a quick turnaround, if possible.

The Shared Resource is supported by the UNM Cancer Center, including the CCSG core grant P30CA118100 and other funds, as well as by funds from the State of NM and user fees.

The expert staff are available for consultations to help users design the best possible experiments, to maximize the quality of the data that are produced.

Dr. Ness works with his team in the ATG Shared Resource

Faculty Director

Scott A. Ness, Ph.D.
Professor, Internal Medicine/Molecular Medicine
Office: CRF 121; Tel: (505) 272-9883

Technical Director / Bioinformatics

Kathryn (Charlie) Brayer, PhD

Senior Technical Staff

Jamie Padilla CRF 118 Tel: (505) 272-5564
Jennifer Woods CRF 121 Tel: (505) 272-3464
Maggie Cyphery CRF 121 Tel: (505) 272-2464