About Radiation Therapy

Our facility has three radiation vaults, a high-dose rate (HDR) room, and a Siemens large bore CT (Computerized Tomography) scanner. These enable us to offer the most current treatment techniques available.

Our TomoTherapy Radiation Treatment System, the state’s first, moves the treatment beam around the patient as the treatment couch moves, just like a CT scan. This machine is designed for very long treatments over large body areas, and it reduces the time you have to lie on the table. We can also capture images with higher energy, which allows us to see the tissues around your fillings and implants. We cannot get this degree of clarity with lower energy CT imaging.

Our Elekta linear accelerators also take a CT scan to create an image of your body before treatment. This image allows us to precisely target the tumor while sparing healthy tissue. Radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons can treat inoperable brain tumors with Stereotactic Radio Surgery using the Elekta system.

We also offer:

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT). This therapy allows us to deliver radiation in fewer days. We deliver strong radiation doses to the tumor and safe radiation doses to the tissues surrounding the tumor.

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT). Using these techniques, we can control the dose to the tumor. We can deliver radiation to the area that needs treatment and protect the area that doesn't need treatment.

Brachytherapy radiation. In this therapy, we safely put a radiation source inside your body to deliver radiation to the tumor without delivering radiation to the healthy tissues around the tumor. We can use brachytherapy radiation alone or with other treatments. We offer high dose rate brachytherapy for accelerated partial breast irradiation. It requires fewer treatment days than conventional external beam irradiation. We also offer permanent seed prostate brachytherapy.

Pediatric radiation oncology. We are the only program in the state that treats children.

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“My favorite part of being a radiation oncology nurse is meeting patients and their families. I am able to assist the patient through his or her radiation treatment from start to finish. Throughout this time I am able to develop a personal bond with each patient. Learning about each patient’s courage and personal sacrifices motivates me to provide the best care possible.”

– Jocelyn Mayo, RN
Radiation Oncology Nurse

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