About Treatment at UNM Hospital

Most cancer care is delivered in the UNM Cancer Center outpatient clinic. Sometimes, though, cancer patients need hospital care. If you need hospital care during your treatment, your doctor will admit you to the UNM Hospital, where a UNM Cancer Center Hematology or Medical Oncology attending physician will supervise your care. Our in-patient team works closely with your doctor at the UNM Cancer Center outpatient clinic to provide seamless care.

Two experienced attending physicians lead our in-patient team. Elizabeth McGuire, MD, is board certified in hematology and medical oncology, and Amy Tarnower, MD, is board certified in medical oncology. They work at the hospital full-time from Monday to Friday, and physicians from the UNM Cancer Center outpatient clinic cover during the weekends. The team also includes fellows, residents and advanced practice providers. A hematology/oncology pharmacist helps our team if you need drugs or chemotherapy during your hospital stay.

UNM Hospital has 2 dedicated units, 3 East and 5 East, to care for UNM Cancer Center patients. Dr. Tarnower is the Medical Director of these units, and many of the nurses are oncology certified; they can give chemotherapy and cancer-specific care. Social workers and nurse discharge planners are also part of our team.