Memory & Aging Center

The Memory & Aging Center at UNM is the only New Mexico center devoted to Alzheimer’s and dementia research and treatment. Created in 2016 and led by Gary Rosenberg, MD, our center offers the region's most advanced cognition and behavioral neurologic care.

All UNM Memory & Aging Care team members have completed fellowships in geriatric neurology and behavioral neurology/neuropsychiatry with wide-ranging expertise in:

  • Behavioral neurology
  • Geriatrics
  • Vascular neurology

Our board-certified neurology team includes:

What to Expect at the First Visit 

During the first visit, we will thoroughly review the patient’s medical history and previous testing and treatment. Then we will conduct a neurological physical exam and cognitive assessment. This takes one to two hours.

The purpose of the first visit is to clarify the diagnosis, determine whether further tests or studies are needed and consider what therapies might be useful.

Please bring the following:

  • A loved one who knows the patient well, such as a spouse, partner or adult child
  • All of the the patient's medications
  • Copies of brain CT/MRI, blood or neurophysical testing done outside the UNM or VA systems

We recommend a follow-up appointment once or twice a year to monitor progress, assess effectiveness of treatments and manage new problems. Call 505-272-3160 to schedule an appointment.