CareLink New Mexico

CareLink is a community program that helps you or your loved one access behavioral health and medical services in Albuquerque.

Through CareLink, we'll help you:

  • Find providers
  • Schedule appointments
  • Coordinate your care
  • Connect with community services
  • Learn about your diagnosis and medications

We’ll work with you to make sure you know how and where to get help when you need it.  Your CareLink provider will help you:

  • Learn what to do in difficult times and where to go when you need more help.
  • Navigate life changes, such as when you need to go to the emergency room or when you come home from a hospital stay.
  • Find classes and activities to help you manage your health conditions and improve your health.

Who Can Enroll in CareLink

You can enroll in CareLink if you live in Bernalillo County and are enrolled in or eligible for NM Medicaid.

We offer two programs:

  • Adults 18 and older who are diagnosed with a serious mental illness can enroll in our Adult CareLink NM service (info below).
  • Teens and children 17 and younger and diagnosed with a severe emotional disturbance, you can be enrolled into our Child and Adolescent CareLink NM Program.

You will work with your care coordinator to make a CareLink plan to help you get all the services you need, including making a safety plan that includes your support system.

Sign Up for CareLink

It's free to sign up for CareLink. For patients 17 and younger, please email or call 505-272-2573.