Assertive Community Treatment

UNM Health’s Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team provides therapy, rehabilitation and support services for people in Albuquerque living with severe mental illness. We help patients learn to live successfully by:

  • Managing acute illness episodes
  • Meeting their basic needs
  • Staying well enough to work and join in social activities

ACT helps ease the burden of care and enhance quality of life for patients and families.

Submit a Referral

If you are a provider and would like to submit a referral, please call us at 505-925-4044. You can also

How the ACT Team Serves the Community

The ACT team delivers psychiatric counseling and other community services to the homes of patients who have struggled with traditional outpatient care. These patients typically experience higher levels of emergency care, inpatient care or incarceration.

ACT is supported by a contract with the City of Albuquerque. Our case managers, peer specialists, nurses, therapists and providers fan out through the city to meet patients at home and collaborate on working toward recovery goals.