Milagro Program: Overcome Addiction During Pregnancy

More than 2,000 pregnant women have received safe, judgement-free addiction care through the UNM Health Milagro Program.

Milagro was founded in 1989 as New Mexico's first comprehensive prenatal care program for pregnant women with substance use disorders. The program provides women and families prenatal care, medical addition therapy, counseling and case management support at UNM Family Medicine clinics.

Create a Brighter Future for You and Baby

Milagro providers care for patients at all stages of pregnancy. We will listen to your unique needs and create a safe, personal treatment plan that covers you now and after the baby comes.

Your treatment plan may include medication-assisted treatments. Medications such as buprenorphine (Subutex) or methadone can be used during pregnancy to overcome an opioid addiction.

In addition to pre- and post-natal care, you can work with a counselor to improve your mental and emotional health. Our team of specialists and case workers will answer your questions and make sure your needs are met.

Get the Help You Need

We can help you overcome your addiction. Begin by calling 505-463-8293 to schedule an appointment today.