UNM Medical Group Board of Directors

UNM Medical Group's Board of Directors support the work of the UNM Medical Group and provide misson-based leadership and strategic governance.

Voting Members

  • Martha McGrew, MD (Chair)
  • Robert DeFelice, MPH, MBA
  • Eve Espey, MD
  • Karen Hawley, MD (PAG Chair)
  • Lisa Hofler, MD (PAG Vice-Chair)
  • Mark Unruh, MD
  • Gary Mlady, MD
  • Michelle Hernandez, Esq.
  • David Rakel, MD
  • Michael Richards, MD
  • Robert Schenck, MD

Ex-Officio Members (Non-Voting) 

  • A. Robb McLean, MD, President & CEO
  • Jill Klar, COO
  • Marjorie Goldstein, CFO
  • Jennifer Phillips, MD, Interim Chief Medical Officer
  • Donna Sigl, MD, Secretary

Meeting Notices, Agendas & Minutes

Board meetings take place from 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. at:

Domenici Center - North
1001 Stanford Dr NERoom Location: TBD (See Meeting Notice)
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Watch the Events Calendar for upcoming Board Meetings and the latest agendas and announcements.

NOTE: Meeting dates are subject to change; all meeting dates and agendas will be publicized prior to meetings as stipulated by the Open Meetings Act.