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Help While at Our Center

When you visit us for your care, you may need support for things that come up that you didn’t — or couldn’t — think of before. Our clinic support staff can help you with these while you’re here.

General Services Assistants

General Services Assistants (GSAs) provide wheelchairs, transport assistance, and directions and maps to other clinics. GSAs will valet park your vehicle upon request, and can assist you with transportation needs by calling cabs or other city services.

Request services at the front entrance desk, or call us at 505-925-0101.

“We help patients with wheelchair access and with valet parking. We like patients to feel like they are part of our family and make them feel like they are at home.”

– Denise Cortez, General Services Assistant

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Clinical Administrative Support

The staff at the Clinical Administrative Support desk assists callers and community healthcare professionals with general information related to the Cancer Center and our providers. They help direct patient health-related issues to the appropriate healthcare provider. They also assist with prescription refills, tracking new patient records from outside facilities, verifying UNM Cancer Center and UNM Hospital medical appointments and labs, and troubleshooting patient scheduling issues.

Call Clinical Support at 505-272-4946

Interpreter Language Services

UNM Hospital Interpreters are available to facilitate communication among patients, their families and their healthcare team in the following languages: Spanish, Navajo, Vietnamese and Sign. Interpreters are available during clinic visits to translate consents and assist in family and medical team conferences, patient education and any other requests. Interpreters can be provided via telephone services when an on-site interpreter is not available or for languages that staff interpreters do not speak. If you need an interpreter, please request one when you schedule each appointment.

For general information call 505-272-5399.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to bring a friend or family member with me to my appointment. Is that OK?

Please watch our COVID-19 page for updates to the visitor policy during the pandemic.

Our priority is to protect our patients, staff and faculty as we safely deliver cancer care. At this time, no visitors are allowed in the building. You may bring a mobile device to your appointment so that your family and friends can join you virtually. Our General Services Assistants can help you get around our building and we will also provide needed interpreters. If you feel that you need to bring someone with you, please call 505-272-4946 at least 24 hours before your appointment so that your request can be addressed.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

If it is not a medical emergency, call our clinic at 505-272-4946 or our statewide toll-free number at 800-432-6806. From there, you will be connected to our answering service. If for any reason you cannot connect to the service, you can call our answering service directly at 505-857-3758.

My physician is out of the office. Who will I see at my appointment?

UNM Cancer Center physicians are committed to providing the finest healthcare available. If your physician is not available when you are scheduled for an appointment, you will be seen by another highly trained member of our team. This could be another physician, a nurse practitioner, a physician assistant or a clinical nurse speciallist. Our multidisciplinary team is in constant contact, and you can be assured that your physician will oversee every aspect of your care.

My insurance or my personal information has changed. What should I do?

If your insurance or any of your personal information (such as your name, address and phone number) changes, please call the main number, 505-272-4946, or contact the front desk and provide us with your updated information.

My doctor has referred me for an imaging study. What do I do?

Imaging studies (also called radiology procedures or exams) include X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, mammography, nuclear medicine, PET/CT and interventional radiology. If your physician tells you that he or she is ordering such a procedure, you will receive a call from the Radiology Department at UNM Hospitals to schedule the procedure. If you do not receive that call within two working days after your appointment with your doctor, please call 505-925-0158.

My physician ordered a test not offered at the UNM Cancer Center. What should I do?

The scheduling team at the UNM Cancer Center will notify the facility where the tests are to be completed. They will provide them all the referral information as well as notify the UNM Cancer Center Prior Authorization team so they can contact the patient’s insurance company and obtain any required authorizations. You will be provided with contact information for the testing facility so you may schedule the test at your convenience.

I have a compliment or a complaint. What should I do?

The UNM Cancer Center takes patient and family feedback very seriously and we welcome your input. Please contact the front desk to pick up a compliment or complaint form or fill out the form online. If you wish to speak with someone, call 505-925-0108 and ask to speak with the Quality Programs Manager, Janet Abernathy.