Diversity in Cancer Research (DICR) Program

For Undergraduate Students who are from ethnic or racial groups that are under-represented in health-related sciences

DICR is a paid summer research training program for college undergraduates who
are interested in cancer research.

The DICR is funded primarily by the American Cancer Society.

Help the Fight Against Cancer

Take part in ongoing research at The University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center. Here are some examples of ongoing projects:

  • Understanding how arsenic and uranium in water sources may cause cancer (Mentors: Lewis and MacKenzie)
  • Tumor immunology and ovarian cancer (Mentors: Adams/Steinkamp/Hudson/Wandinger-Ness)
  • Understanding the role of the gut microenvironment in cancer development (Mentor: Castillo)
  • Hematopoietic and leukemic stem cell regulation (Mentor: Gillette)
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) infections and treatments for HPV-induced precancers (Mentor: Ozbun)
  • Growth-factor and immune-receptor signaling & cancer (Mentor: D. Lidke)
  • Identifying causes and treatments for breast cancer (Mentors: Prossnitz/Hathaway)
  • Genomic and data analyses for personalized cancer therapies (Mentors: Ness/Lee/Guo)
  • Genetic mutations that influence intestinal crypt cells to initiate intestinal cancers (Mentor: In)
  • DNA Damage and Repair in Cancer (Mentor: Thomkinson)
  • Developing & Testing of Cancer Early Detection and Prevention Interventions (Mentor: Mishra)
Image of poster presentation
UPN/DICR Scholar Research Poster Symposium