Autism Programs | Center for Development & Disability | UNM Health System | Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Center for Development & Disability (CDD) serves and supports New Mexicans with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Through generous state funding, the CDD provides resources and partnerships for families, school systems and communities throughout New Mexico.

Autism Programs

Autism Programs offered through the CDD are a collection of education, training and consultation services. Our statewide programs focus on supporting and serving individuals with ASD, as well as their families, caregivers, educators and communities.

CDD Programs include:

  • Advocacy support and training for people with ASD, their families and their community
  • Community awareness and intervention workshops and webinars
  • In-home training for parents and caregivers
  • Psychology internships and fellowships, as well as other discipline-specific training focused on diagnosis of and intervention/education for individuals with ASD
  • Professional skill development
  • School-based consultations

The Autism Programs include a variety of disciplines with specific expertise in ASD; clinical psychologists, speech-language pathologists, social workers, educators, occupational therapists, family members, advocates, counselors and others all lend their expertise to our programs and services. Contact us to access an Autism Program.

Our Partners

Generous donors and partners fund our high-quality care and services to families across New Mexico. Consider giving to the CDD today. Our donors and partners include:

  • New Mexico Department of Health, Developmental Disabilities Service Division
  • New Mexico Department of Health, Developmental Disabilities Service Division: NM Family Infant Toddler Program
  • New Mexico Department of Public Education/Special Education Bureau
  • New Mexico Developmental Disability Counsel
  • Public School Districts throughout New Mexico
  • The Medical Assistance Division, HSD