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The Only One in New Mexico

Designated by the National Cancer Institute

Only 56 cancer centers hold NCI Comprehensive designation. We’re one of them.

Any cancer center can say they offer comprehensive care. But Comprehensive designation from the National Cancer Institute means that we’ve proven that we can provide you with the most advanced, scientifically-based cancer care in the world. And we deliver it in a caring, supportive environment.

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If you are a physician referring a patient, call 505-272-2839, or


Latest News from the UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center

Preparing for Chemo

Watch our videos and hear from a nurse about what to expect during chemotherapy: your first visit, side effects, nutrition and other concerns.

Learn What to Expect During Chemo

Improving the best cancer care through Research

Our scientists are recognized throughout the nation for breakthrough research in genomics, leukemia, nanotechnology, radioisotopes and drug discovery. And we offer the latest treatments now through a depth and breadth of clinical trials unmatched in our region.


Board-certified oncology physicians from top institutions represent every cancer specialty


Research scientists from schools such as Harvard, MIT and Memorial Sloan-Kettering in new discoveries

Nationally recognized in cancer research.

First Allogeneic Transplant in NM

The patient receives an entirely new immune system that can attack the tumor cells and help to eradicate the remaining bits of residual disease. This immune response decreases the risk of the disease coming back. With the new allogeneic capability at UNM Cancer Center, patients don‘t have to travel out of state.

Donor stem cells jump-start immune system rebuild



UNM Comprehensive
Cancer Center

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UNM Indigenous Peoples’ Land and Territory Acknowledgement
Founded in 1889, the University of New Mexico sits on the traditional homelands of the Pueblo of Sandia. The original peoples of New Mexico — Pueblo, Navajo and Apache — since time immemorial, have deep connections to the land and have made significant contributions to the broader community. We honor the land itself and those who remain stewards of this land throughout the generations and also acknowledge our committed relationship to Indigenous peoples.

We gratefully recognize our history. Learn more.

Developed by the Special Assistant for American Indian Affairs to the UNM President in consultation with the Native American Faculty Council. Approved and adopted by President Garnett S. Stokes February 2020.