Postpartum Care

Having a baby can put your body and mind through many changes. Let UNM Health support and care for you and your baby in the postpartum period—the weeks after delivery.

At two weeks and six weeks after your baby is born, visit your provider to:

  • See how your body is recovering
  • Check on your emotional health
  • Connect with breastfeeding experts and other resources
  • Discuss parenting questions
  • Talk about birth control 

Use this resource as a starting point to gather your questions: What to Know After Having Your Baby [PDF].

Care for Your Newborn

Two or three days after you return home from UNMH, visit our Newborn Clinic. We will assess your baby’s overall health, feeding, weight gain, any jaundice and if applicable, circumcision healing.

Nurses will answer your questions and guide you in breastfeeding, if desired.

As your little one grows, take advantage of UNM Health’s excellent pediatric care. Choose one of our board-certified family medicine or pediatric physicians today.

Postpartum Depression

Hormonal changes, sleep deprivation and other factors can cause new moms to feel emotional or irritability for a few weeks after delivery. This is normal and often called "the baby blues."

If the symptoms are severe or long-lasting, it could be postpartum depression. One in seven women may experience postpartum depression. You are not alone—help is available.

Ask your UNM provider for help evaluating your symptoms, finding community support and accessing therapy and medication. We offer specialized mood care for new mothers in our Journeys Clinic at UNM Hospital.  

Make an Appointment

To schedule your postpartum visit, call us at 505-272-2245.