Nurse-Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership is a free, voluntary program that partners first-time moms with nurse home visitors. When you enroll in the program, a specially trained nurse will visit you throughout your pregnancy and until your baby turns two years old. During these visits, your caring nurse will offer the knowledge and support you need to confidently create a better life for your baby and yourself.

We hope for these long-term outcomes:

  • Babies are born healthy
  • Children are nurtured by their parents/caregivers
  • Children are physically and mentally healthy and ready for school
  • Children and families are safe
  • Families are connected to formal and informal supports in their community

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What Is Home Visiting?


Benefits of Home Visiting

Home Visiting programs provide parents with support to enhance the child-parent relationship.

With these enhanced skills, parents can create environments that positively impact their child's social and emotional development and prepare him or her for a productive life.

Home Visiting includes but not limited to the following:

  • Pregnant women experience improved prenatal health and babies experience improved birth outcomes;
  • Parents/family is available, responsive, attuned with their infants and young children, supporting optimal social-emotional and cognitive development;
  • Infants and young children experience optimal social-emotional and cognitive development so they are prepared for school success.

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