Revision Weight Loss Surgery

Revision weight loss surgery is a procedure to correct problems from a previous bariatric procedure.

As the only academic medical center in New Mexico, UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center is on the cutting edge of weight loss surgery approaches. We receive referrals from all over the Southwest to correct and improve previous weight loss procedures.

Who Qualifies for Revision Surgery?

We may recommend revision surgery for patients who:

  • Had lap-band surgery years ago
  • Had stomach stapling
  • Had complications after a previous weight loss procedure

Your doctor will ask about your exercise and eating habits, medical condition and mental health. We will give you a physical exam and may ask for lab tests, such as measuring your blood sugar, to recommend the healthiest next steps.

If surgery is right for you, we will help you choose the best option. Depending on your needs, your board-certified bariatric surgeon can correct your original procedure, convert you to another weight loss solution or help restore some of your normal digestive function. 

Paying for Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is an investment in your long-term health. Contact Patient Financial Services to make a payment plan today.

Why We Perform Revisions

Repairing Complications

In rare cases, a patient may develop serious complications after bariatric surgery. These conditions sometimes require revision surgery to correct the problem. Some of the procedures include surgery to:

  • Remove scar tissue
  • Clear a blockage
  • Treat an ulcer
  • Close a leak
  • Control bleeding

Fix Issues from Older Surgeries

The lap-band weight loss surgery, stomach stapling and vertical banded gastroplasty were popular years ago. However, patients who had lap-band surgery may now experience complications that require surgery. We can remove the old device or converting you to gastric bypass surgery. Talk with your doctor about your options.