Center for Healing in the Lower Extremities (C.H.I.L.E.) and Podiatry Clinic


University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH) Center for Healing in the Lower Extremity (CHILE) is a dedicated multi-disciplinary clinic which primarily serves patients suffering with diabetic foot disorders and venous stasis ulcerations. CHILE consists of a dedicated team of providers from the disciplines of Podiatry and Physical Therapy who specialize in wound care and amputation prevention. These providers also closely collaborate with vascular surgery, primary care medicine, infectious disease and care management.


UNMH CHILE team of providers include Eric Lew, DPM, Diplomate ABFAS and ABPM; Leslie Dunlap, MSPA-C, CWS, Regina Gallegos, MPT, CWS and Simone Mulvihill, PTA. Debbie Dennis, APRN also provides comprehensive diabetes management and nutritional education in CHILE. Thus, patients of UNMH CHILE receive a comprehensive approach to wound care of the lower extremity. The overall mission of UNMH CHILE is to help patients with diabetes prevent life-limiting amputations and preserve their functional status. CHILE is a valuable resource for patients of the UNMH service area and utilizes evidence-guided practices to create positive patient-centered outcomes. It is evolving to serve as a regional center that excels in diabetic limb preservation.

Dr. Atlee Benally, DPM, an experienced clinician, enjoys all aspects of podiatric care and will see patients with common foot ailments in the Podiatry Clinic.