UNM Mimbres School at UNM Hospitals

We believe that a child’s educational opportunities can continue throughout patient care and as experienced educators licensed through the New Mexico Public Education Department we can offer activities to continue the learning process. UNM Mimbres School is:

  • a state accredited educational program 
  • a year round school including
  • a full summers educational program kindergarten through high school curriculum
  • Special Education instructional services

UNM Mimbres School-Children’s Psychiatric Hospital

Special Education students at the UNM Children’s Psychiatric Hospital receive education while they are admitted to the hospital. These students are enrolled in UNM Mimbres School and receive education shaped by their Individualized Education Program. In addition to continued instruction guided by their math and literacy goals, they receive:

  • intense mental health support
  • teaching of coping skills for emotional regulation
  • teaching of interpersonal skills to help social interaction
  • a therapeutic environment with small class sizes
  • multidisciplinary team collaboration to develop a holistic plan for addressing their needs
  • individualized academic plans based on their goals and needs

UNM Mimbres School-Connected Academy

Students that are inpatient at the UNM Children’s Hospital can participate in education several ways through the UNM Mimbres School at Connected Academy program:

  • attend learning activities in the UNM Mimbres School classroom and/or request educational activities brought to the hospital room.
  • teachers contact the student's school to request student assignments.
  • guidance with Special Education questions
  • teachers communicate with the student's school regarding attendance or transition planning after hospitalization.

Mimbres School Brochure [PDF]

UNM Mimbres is made possible through philanthropic dollars. We would like to thank the Credit Union Association of New Mexico for helping fund this program on behalf of our community.