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Relearn daily living skills, regain muscle strength and get back on your feet again at UNM Health. Our rehabilitation specialists are dedicated to advancing the science of movement and the art of function.

Physical & Occupational Rehabilitation

At UNM Health System, we use evidence-based therapies to help you overcome injury or illness. As New Mexico’s only Primary Stroke Center and Level I Trauma Center, we excel in treatment of complex conditions and cases.

We offer full-service rehabilitation at UNM Center of Excellence for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation after the 600+ joint replacement surgeries we perform every year.

Minimally Invasive Rehabilitation

Your therapy session will focus on managing your pain and rebuilding your strength and skills. Please dress comfortably for every appointment—you will likely move around or participate in exercise.

Expect a hands-on, integrative approach to healing. In physical therapy, you and your therapist will use exercise, massage or joint mobilization. In occupation therapy, you will rebuild your skills using adaptive equipment.

As you heal, talk to your doctor about any pain or discomfort you have. We offer conservative pain treatments to help you recover comfortably.

UNMH awarded certification by the Joint Commission
New Mexico’s first Primary Stroke Center
Over 597,000 UNM Health rehabilitation visits in 2018

Visit us for:

  • Amputation care
  • Burn recovery
  • Brain injury
  • Cancer rehabilitation
  • Hand therapy
  • Neuromuscular disorders