Medication Refill Service

Get all your family's prescriptions through one convenient service. The UNM Centralized Refill Service (CRS) serves more than 30 UNM clinics, including our diabetes, transplant and family medicine clinics.

How to Use CRS

First, collect the following information:

  • Name
  • Medical record number
  • Physician/provider name
  • Name and strength of medication
  • How you are taking the medication
  • Pharmacy where you fill your prescription
  • The last time you filled your prescription
  • Your phone number

Then, follow three easy steps:

  1. Call the UNM clinic that gave you the prescription.
  2. Select the “medication refill” option.
  3. Leave a voice mail with the information detailed above.

The CRS will contact your provider/doctor to request the refill for you. Please wait three days before calling to check if your prescription has been filled. Find a UNM Health Pharmacy near you.

Download an instruction guide for quick reference:

If You Use a Pharmacy Outside UNM Health

Call your retail pharmacy to request your medication refill. The pharmacy will fax the information to CRS. Then, we will contact your doctor to request the refill for you.

Information for Native American Patients

Qualifying Native Americans are not required to pay co-payments for formulary prescriptions filled at the UNM Hospital pharmacy. For more information, please contact the UNM Health Native American Health Services helpline at 505-272-1612.