UNMHS Credentials Verification Office

CVO Scope of Services

The UNMHS Credentials Verification Office is responsible for the following:

  • Collect and process applications for initial appointment, reappointment for all credentialed providers.
  • Obtain primary source verification (verifying all elements of application directly with source such as medical school, residency program, previous hospitals, licensing board and any other required source).
  • Identify and investigate issues found during credentialing process.
  • Assist in processing privilege forms and required documentation.
  • Maintain credentialing database.
  • Conduct ongoing monitoring of maintenance and renewal of licenses and certificates required for practice at UNM Health System.
  • Conduct ongoing monitoring of sanctions or disciplinary actions such as licensure or Medicare/Medicaid sanctions.
  • Maintain active and archived credentials files.
  • Perform delegated credentialing for health plans.
  • Assist in preparation and participate in credentialing portion of accreditation and regulatory surveys at health system components, as requested.