Community Health Needs Assessment

2020 UNM Hospital Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

In 2019, UNM conducted the CHNA process to help identify, understand and evaluate community health trends, needs and priorities. The structure of a CHNA creates a framework for program and resource development to meet those needs. 

We collected information by way of epidemiological studies and meetings with community members across 14 neighborhoods in Bernalillo County, as well as with community representative stakeholder groups.

The CHNA focuses on four areas:

  • Expanding access to medical coverage and financial assistance
  • Increasing access to behavioral health services
  • Improving access to medical services
  • Reducing inequities that lead to disparities in health outcomes

CHNA 2020

As we implement the 2020 UNMH CHNA, we are meeting with stakeholder groups and individuals who generously stepped up to share with us their needs, concerns and visions for a healthier Bernalillo County.

Share your thoughts or add your organization to the list for the next CHNA. Please email us at

Full renewal of the CHNA typically takes place on a three-year cycle. The previous CHNA was completed in 2015. See the 2015 CHNA [PDF].

The next full renewal begins in 2022. We'll report our progress annually to the community.

Read the 2020 CHNA in English [PDF]. Read the 2020 CHNA in Spanish [PDF].

Sandoval Regional Medical Center CHNA Priorities

In its most recent community health needs assessment, SRMC highlights the following priorities for Sandoval County:

  • Access to health care
  • Behavioral health services
  • Chronic care prevention and management services

See the 2019 CHNA for Sandoval Regional Medical Center [PDF].
See the 2016-2019 CHNA Implementation Plan for SRMC [PDF].

Community Input

To support the health priorities and our data collection process, UNM Health receives input from people with expertise in public health, including:

  • Community advocacy organizations, such as New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty
  • Community partner organizations
  • Other health organizations and officials
  • Representatives from counties served
  • Representatives from the City of Albuquerque

Implementation Strategy

UNM Health System implements community health needs assessment through:

  1. Coordinating internal program and policy development to assure that priorities are managed
  2. Determining areas of focus by consulting with community members and organizations
  3. Developing an implementation plan around identified issues as part of the ongoing strategic planning process for the health system
  4. Evaluating the program implementation to determine if the desired outcomes are achieved or adjustments are needed
  5. Seeking community input

Community Impact

UNM Health continually works to increase access to medical services, improve health literacy and deliver culturally sensitive care.