A nurse visiting a new mother and newborn at their home
By Anna Stryker, CNM

New Mom? Free Home Visits Give Your Family a Healthy Start in Life

Are you a new parent living in New Mexico? Home visits create a supportive environment focused on improving your relationship with your baby. Learn more about how our free programs can help

Raising a baby is not easy. They don’t come with an instruction book! As a new parent, you will face many challenges along with the good times.

It can be tough for first-time parents to shift from taking care of themselves only to taking care of a new baby. From diaper changes and late-night feedings to adding “mom” to your many other roles in life, bringing home a baby can be a little overwhelming.

UNM Women’s Health is here to help you adjust and create a happy, healthy home environment for your baby. As a Women’s Health patient, you can get free home visits from pregnancy through up to three years after your baby is born.

Through our home visitation program, a specially trained nurse from UNM Women's Health Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) or CHI St. Joseph’s Children will visit your home to help you:

  • Develop healthy prenatal habits and prepare you to deliver your baby.
  • Learn how to care for your baby and yourself.
  • Improve your child’s early growth and development.

You won’t even have to travel anywhere to receive this free, wonderful care. The support you are offered with these home visits comes directly to you. That means you’ll have one less thing to worry about to get the help you need.

Who is Eligible for Home Visits?

Getting the right support early on can make a big difference in your life as your baby grows. Services from both home visitation programs are free to patients. There are many helpful services available to New Mexico residents. See the Home Visiting program [PDF] to learn about all your options.

Eligibility Requirements for NFP:

  • First-time parents.
  • Fewer than 28 weeks pregnant.
  • Qualifying for WIC.
  • Serves the Albuquerque metro area.

Eligibility Requirements for CHI St. Joseph’s Children:

  • First-time parents by birth, adoption, or child placement.
  • Enroll anytime during pregnancy through two months after delivery.
  • No income requirements.
  • Resident of New Mexico.

Parents who have had children before and live in the counties of Bernalillo and Valencia can also do the Parents as Teachers program through UNM Health.

Watch this Home Visiting Video

Learn more about free early childhood home visits offered by UNM Women’s Health

What Happens During a Home Visit?

A specially trained nurse will schedule ongoing visits with you at home, either in person or through telehealth, during pregnancy as part of your prenatal care until your baby is three years old.

During your visits, nurses discuss important topics for healthy families, including:

Home visits are focused on teaching your family skills to prevent bad situations at home, such as child abuse, neglect, or developmental problems. We will help you develop tools to manage your feelings in a healthy way and avoid things that could hurt the baby, such as shaking, hitting or yelling.

Having a nurse visit you at home can help your baby grow healthier and safer. This type of program can help you develop good habits, such as cooking healthy meals and reading to your children. These habits can help your children thrive when they go to school.

To register for the home visit program, call 505-272-2271. Referring providers, please fill out the Referrals to UNM CDD NFP Program [PDF] form.

Watch this Nurse-Family Partnership Video

Connecting new mothers and licensed nurses to share knowledge and support

Self-care and Health Care for New Moms

All new moms need ongoing postpartum care—special care just for you after the baby comes. 

  • Reminding you to make time for yourself
  • Teaching you strategies to care for your whole self: physical, emotional and mental health
  • Providing tips on caring for your older children alongside a new baby
  • Showing you how to balance your multiple roles as mom, partner, employee and more.

As a new mom, it is important you make time for your self-care and well-being. This will benefit both you and the rest of your family in the long term.

Enroll in the Free Home Visitation Program

With a little care and coaching, we can help you put the pieces of the parenting puzzle together. Home visits can help you build a strong foundation in your life as a new parent. These visits are judgment-free and confidential.

Talk with your OB/Gyn or midwife if you would like a referral or if you have questions about how to enroll. The first step to sign up is to leave a message on our secure line. Then we’ll be in touch to help you enroll.

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