Nursing Intern & Extern Programs

Advance your nursing skills and education through an externship or internship at University of New Mexico Hospital. You gain access to support, opportunities and resources that will help you provide the best possible care to New Mexicans.

Nurse Extern Program

Nurse externs are current nursing students employed at UNMH. They provide routine, basic patient care and assist nursing staff in complicated procedures. As an extern, you’ll have opportunities to work alongside staff to learn about complex patients and will be a valued member of the care team.

You’re eligible for an externship if you:

  • Are in good standing in a nationally accredited nursing program.
  • Have completed the basic nursing skills course and the first semester of an acute care clinical course in an accredited nursing program.
  • Available to work a certain number of shifts per week/month/semester. Requirements are dictated by the unit you hire to.

Apply for an extern position at

For more information, read the nurse extern job description [PDF] or email Karen Broughton ( at the University of New Mexico Hospital Talent Acquisition Department. Email Melissa R. Johnson for help identifying places to extern.

Nurse Intern Program For UNM students

Internships give undergraduates the benefit of working closely with a nurse preceptor, perfecting skills, and experiencing the vivid daily realities of working in this challenging and rewarding profession. Explore a specialty, develop professionalism, and practice communication and collaboration skills; the transition from school to career will be easier!

Interns provide nursing care under the direct supervision of an RN preceptor. Students who are hired as an intern must enroll in the associated online, one credit course (see below). The courses concentrate on the professional nursing role, specifically professional communications that are useful for interns. The grade is dependent on participation and meeting professional standards.

The internships are open only to those who meet the following requirements:

  • A student in good academic standing at the UNM College of Nursing.
  • A Level 4 or 5 UNM BSN student, or Level 5 CNM/UNM or SFCC/UNM dual degree student. This internship is open only to these specified students.
  • Hired as an intern by UNMH and complete all required items as defined by the hospital.
  • Available to attend the required orientation, scheduled by the hospital.
  • Enrolled in the Nurse Intern Professional Knowledge Development course (N421 for level 4 students, N422 for level 5 students).
  • Available to work a certain number of shifts per week/month/semester. Requirements are dictated by UNMH.

Apply for an intern position at UNMH Jobs.

For information regarding the application and hiring process, or to inquire about hiring units, please contact Amber Jackson. For information regarding eligibility and the internship course, please contact Maggie Faber.

Intern Class

The class is one credit, or 16 hours over the semester. Seminars will concentrate on professional communication and additional topics of interest identified by you and other interns. No tests or papers are required. Your grade comes entirely from participating and meeting professional standards, so you must attend class.

Apply For an Internship

To apply for an internship, talk to the nurse manager of a unit you’re interested in. Email Melissa R. Johnson for help identifying places to intern.

For more information about the intern program, email Maggie Faber at the University of New Mexico College of Nursing.