Kidney Transplant & Living Kidney Donation

The UNM Kidney Transplant program was established in 1975. Our program is one of two programs in New Mexico that serves as a center for kidney transplants. We evaluate approximately 200 patients per year from all over New Mexico and the surrounding states.

According to the most recent SRTR data for our center, our graft survival rates at one year were 96%, and our patient survival rate was 96% at one year.

Through the National Kidney Registry, we also have a paired exchange program established in 2016, and we began living donor transplant via the paired exchange program the following year.

For more information about our living donor program, please contact our living donor coordinator Lara Stagg at 505-272-3106.

Patient Testimonials

Meet past kidney recipients and learn about their experiences with a kidney transplant. Watch the video to learn more.

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