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Project for New Mexico Children & Youth Who Are Deaf-Blind

Our Services

  • Technical Assistance (TA) and Training — For families, service providers and educators of children and youth who are deaf-blind. Provided through distance technology, in-home, classroom, telephone or email consultation. 3 levels of TA available: Universal, Specialized and Intensive.

  • Annual Trainings — To increase our states capacity to meet the unique needs of children and youth who are deaf-blind. Trainings are usually at no, or low cost, to participants.

  • Project Newsletters — Sent quarterly with information about deaf-blindness and the project.

  • Early Childhood and School-Aged Transition Support and Consultation
  • Resource Dissemination — On various topics in the field of deaf-blindness including distance-education, and online learning opportunities.

  • Family Events — For support, networking, and education.

  • Involvement — Local, state and national initiatives and committees to advance the understanding of the needs of children/youth with deaf-blindness.