Veterans Choice

Help provide timely, effective primary and specialty care through UNM Health to veterans by participating in the Veterans Affairs Patient-Centered Community Care (VA PC3) program or Veterans Choice Program. These initiatives expand patients’ access to inpatient and outpatient services through a network of community-based providers like you.

If you participate, you’ll benefit veterans who can’t readily get the care they need at a VA medical center. Explore the specific criteria for patients’ Veterans Choice Program eligibility [PDF].

How to Participate

You may:

  • Join a provider network through TriWest Healthcare Alliance, which administers the PC3 program in New Mexico. TriWest processes the referrals and schedules appointments for veterans, tracks medical documentation and pays claims on behalf of the VA and veterans.
  • Register to care for veterans in the Veterans Choice Program (VCP). This program lets a subset of veterans choose a provider outside the PC3 preferred network. If you’re already in TriWest’s provider network (previous option), you’re automatically registered as a Veterans Choice provider.

Learn more about your options for providing care under PC3 and/or VCP and discover how to sign up online.