UNM Hospital Leadership

UNM Hospital Leadership team ensures every patient has access to high-quality, safe care. Since 2018, UNMH has been under the guidance of Kate Becker, JD, MPH.

Kate Becker

Kathleen Becker, JD, MPH
CEO, UNM Hospitals
Email: katebecker@salud.unm.edu
Phone: 505-272-2111

Meet Our Leadership

Doug Ziedonis, Executive Vice President 

Michael Richards, Vice President

Kate Becker, UNM Hospital Chief Executive Officer 

Irene Agostini, UNM Hospital Chief Medical Officer 

Patti Kelley, UNM Hospital Chief Nursing Officer 

Michael Chicarelli, UNM Hospital Chief Operating Officer 

Bonnie White, UNM Hospital Chief Financial Officer 

Sara Frasch, UNM Hospital Chief Human Resources Officer 

Kori Beech, UNM Hospital Chief Ambulatory Officer 

Dawn Harrington, UNM Hospital Chief Information Officer 

Dusadee Sarangarm, UNM Hospital Chief Medical Information Officer 

Sireesha Koppula, UNM Hospital Chief Medical Officer 

Rohini McKee, UNM Hospital Chief Quality and Safety Officer

Jennifer Vosburgh, UNM Hospital Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Nursing/Administration 

Alex Rankin, UNM Hospital Associate CMO for Transfer Center and Patient Throughput 

Anna Duran, UNM Hospital Associate CMO, UNM Children's Hospital 

Maribeth Thornton, UNM Hospital Associate CNO, UNM Children's Hospital 

Cynde Tagg, UNM Hospital Associate Chief Ambulatory Officer

Brent Lomako, Executive Director, Adult IP Medical and Surgical Progressive Care Services  

Melissa Johnson, Executive Director, Nursing Education, Patient Education 

Mary Perez, Executive Director, UNM Psychiatric Center, Administration 

Tom Roha, Executive Director, Adult Critical Care Services 

Crystal Frantz, Executive Director, Care Management Services 

Melissa “Missy” Mason, Executive Director, Children’s Inpatient Services 

Michelle Wafer, Executive Director, Women’s Services 

Jenn Gibbs, Executive Director, Inpatient Providers/Inpatient Advanced Practice Providers 

Jane Bleske, Executive Director, Quality Outcomes 

April Jaglo, Executive Director, Clinical Facilities Development 

Frances Lathrop, Executive Director, Ambulatory Special Services/Cardiology Clinic 

Yvonne Tanuz-Trujillo, Executive Director, Rehabilitation Services 

Pearl Richins, Executive Director, Emergency Services/Emergency Management 

Rodney McNease, Government Affairs BHO – Revenue Cycle Ops 

Paula Williams, Senior Executive Director Revenue Cycle Finance-Revenue Initiatives 

Jennifer K. Sena, Executive Director Business Operations Referral Authorization Management 

Catina L Flagg, Executive Director Health Info Management Medical Records/Support Services 

Michelle A Padilla, Executive Director Patient Financial Services Patient Financial Services 

Flo Gallegos, Senior Executive Director Operations Professional Services, Administration 

Doug Brooks, Executive Director Hospital Campus Development  

Meaghan Carey-Eiland, Executive Director Radiology 

Enrico Volpato, Executive Director Facility Services 

Kevin Sinclair, Executive Director Surgical Services 

Linda Flaherty, Executive Director Risk Management  

Louis Achusim, Executive Director Pharmacy

See the Organizational Structure

Learn more about our internal structure. Download the UNM Hospital organizational chart.