UNM Hospital Leadership

UNM Hospital Leadership team ensures every patient has access to high-quality, safe care. Since 2018, UNMH has been under the guidance of Kate Becker, JD, MPH.

Kate Becker

Kathleen Becker, JD, MPH
CEO, UNM Hospitals
Email: katebecker@salud.unm.edu
Phone: 505-272-2111

Meet the Leadership Team

  • Michael Richards, Executive Physician-in-Chief
  • Irene Agostini, Chief Medical Officer
  • Patti Kelley, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Jennifer Vosburgh, Associate Chief Nursing Officer for Adult Services
  • Maribeth Thornton, Associate Chief Nursing Officer for Pediatric Services
  • Kori Beech, Chief Ambulatory Officer
  • Mike Chicarelli, Chief Operating Officer
  • Richard Crowell, Chief Quality Officer
  • Sara Frasch, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Dawn Harrington, Chief Information Officer-Hospitals
  • David Pitcher, Executive Physician
  • Kristina Sanchez, Chief Business Development Officer
  • Dusadee Sarangarm, Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Bonnie White, Chief Financial Officer 
  • Louis Achusim, Executive Director, Pharmacy & Anticoagulation Clinic 
  • Julie Alliman, Executive Director and Controller, Finance 
  • Moschell Billingsley, Executive Director of Hospital Throughput 
  • Doug Brooks, Executive Director, Hospital Campus Planning and Facility Services 
  • Meaghan Carey-Eiland, Executive Director, Radiology 
  • Manuelita "Mela" Chapman, Executive Director, Clinical Services, Med/Surg and ECC Admin. 
  • Dennis Cook, Executive Director of Quality 
  • Gloria Doherty, Executive Director, Inpatient Mid-levels 
  • Karen Ellingboe, Executive Director, Primary Care 
  • Crystal Frantz, Executive Director, Care Management 
  • Florencio Gallegos, Senior Executive Director of Operations and Professional Services Admin. 
  • April Jaglo, Executive Director, Surgical Services 
  • Melissa Johnson, Executive Director Nursing Education, Research and Practice 
  • Frances Lathrop, Interim Executive Director, Ambulatory Business Operations 
  • Brent Lomako, Executive Director of Adult Progressive Care 
  • Rodney McNease, Executive Director, Behavioral Health Finances 
  • Brian Menapace, Executive Director, Information Technology 
  • Purvi Mody, Executive Director, Compliance and Audit 
  • Lorraine Ponge, Executive Director, Children’s Psychiatric Center 
  • Catherine Porto, Executive Director, Health Information Management 
  • Connie Smith-Fassler, Executive Director, Ambulatory Surgical Specialty Services 
  • Cynde Tagg, Executive Director, Ambulatory Medicine Specialty Services 
  • Yvonne Tanuz-Trujillo, Executive Director of Rehabilitation Services 
  • Elizabeth Taylor-Trujillo, Executive Director, UNM Psychiatric Center 
  • Doris Tinagero, Executive Director, Carrie Tingley Hospital 
  • Maribeth Thornton, Executive Director, Children’s Inpatient Services 
  • Jennifer Vosburgh, Interim Executive Director, Emergency Services 
  • Michelle Wafer, Executive Director, Women’s Services 
  • Paula Williams, Executive Director, Financial Planning and Analysis 
  • Michelle Padilla, Executive Director, Patient Financial Services 
  • Nathaniel P. Collins, Executive Medical Director, Adult Inpatient Services 
  • Mark Crowley, Executive Medical Director, Children's Services 
  • Dave Graeber, Executive Medical Director, Child Psychiatry 
  • Jeff Katzman, Executive Medical Director, Psychiatric Center 
  • Richard Lauer, Executive Medical Director, Cancer Center 
  • Charles North, Executive Medical Director, Ambulatory Primary Care 

See the Organizational Structure

Learn more about our internal structure. Download the UNM Hospital organizational chart.