Sylvia Negrete, MD | Albuquerque, New Mexico
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Negrete received a B.A. in Biochemistry & Cell biology (1986) and M.D. (1992) from the University of California, San Diego. She completed a Pediatric Internship, Residency & Chief Residency at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital (1996). After several years in private practice Negrete joined UNM Children’s Hospital in 1999.

Personal Statement

I run through the school playground trying to recite the ABC’s of cardiac life support…what can possibly be the emergency on the first day of class. As I approach the crowd surrounding the jungle gym, I start mentally developing a differential diagnosis; cardio-respiratory distress, seizures, hypoglycemia, trauma or could it be gang related violence. This is my first assignment as a school-based health center physician and I don't recall seeing a crash cart when I arrived a few minutes ago. Mentally I tell myself, you’ve got this…start CPR and activate emergency medical services. Much too my surprise, the nature of the chaos was a kindergartener lodged in a spiral slide due to his large size. After removing him from his compromised situation, he was crying, embarrassed and ridiculed; he had to attend his first day of class in a wrinkled, dirty new uniform. Over the next year I felt helpless and frustrated trying to help this child and family. Resources were non-existent and I had limited knowledge due to lack of treatment guidelines available at that time. This was my introduction to a new disease that continues to plague our communities. This experience spearheaded my commitment to clinical excellence in education, service and scholarly work surrounding childhood obesity best clinical practices within and outside of our institution.
In 2009, Negrete founded the “UNM Healthy & Fit Children’s Clinic”, a clinic designed to prevent, assess, and treat children and adolescents with overweight and obesity.


Medical School
University of California - San Diego

Loma Linda University Health Education Consortium