UNM School-Based Health Clinics

The UNM School-Based Health Center (SBHC) program is co-sponsored by the UNM Medical Group and UNM Health Sciences Center. SBHC facilitates and supports schools, families and communities in addressing the social, physical and emotional needs of students so they can reach their full potential.

SBHC connects students to a larger health care system that can serve as a medical home, offering lifelong health care. SBHC providers focus on preventive health care and educating students on healthy lifestyle choices. Our goal is to enhance healthy youth development and reduce barriers to learning.

Health care services offered through the SBHC include:

  • Acute illness/injury care
  • Annual well-child exams
  • Behavioral health assessment & counseling
  • Chronic illness care
  • Dental care (select sites)
  • Medical case management
  • Psychiatry services
  • Reproductive health services
  • STD screening & treatment
  • Smoking cessation
  • Sports physicals
  • Substance use counseling
  • Vaccinations

Why Choose School-based Care?

SBHCs are safe and easily accessible locations on school campuses where all students can go for culturally sensitive, comprehensive primary and behavioral health care services, regardless of ability to pay.

The SBHC program works in collaboration with:

  • New Mexico Department of Health
  • Albuquerque Public Schools
  • Albuquerque Bernalillo County
  • New Mexico School-Based Health Alliance

Improving Health Equity

"School-Based Health Centers are an effective strategy for improving health equity. They reach low-income, racial and ethnic populations and marginalized groups such as sexual minority youth." – Journal of Research on Adolescence

School-based Health Center Locations

Appointment and walk-in times may vary by location. Contact the school for more information.

Albuquerque High School: 505-244-1330
800 Odelia Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102

East San Jose Elementary: 505-746-2005
415 Thaxton Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Highland High School: 505-256-3363
4700 Coal Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

Manzano High School: 505-253-0012
12200 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112

Van Buren Middle School: 505-268-3833
700 Louisiana Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

Washington Middle School: 505-248-1116
1101 Park Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

About the SBHC Providers

Each clinical site is staffed by UNM Health staff, medical students and trainees who focus on child and teen health. School-based clinic patients may see a range of providers, including:

  • Doctors
  • Medical and physician assistants
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Medical case managers
  • Clinic coordinators
  • Child psychiatrists
  • Dentists
  • Dental hygienists
  • Independently licensed behavioral health therapists
For adult and family health care services, visit a UNM Medical Group clinic near you. Find a location now.

FAQs about UNM SBHCs

We serve all APS and APS charter students regardless of insurance or immigration status.

  • APS elementary school students can receive medical and behavioral health care at East San Jose (and immunizations at the middle school sites; see #7 below).
  • APS middle school students can be seen for medical and behavioral health care at Washington and Van Buren.
  • APS high school students can be seen for medical and behavioral health care at Albuquerque, Highland and Manzano.

No, we do not provide COVID-19 testing or treatment. We also do not offer procedures that produce aerosols, such as nebulizer treatments for acute asthma exacerbations or peak flow measurement. Students who need testing and possible treatment for COVID-19 will be referred to their community primary care providers or the school nurse as appropriate.

Yes, students can access our services via telemedicine and on-site at our SBHCs. We suggest that students (or parents as appropriate) call the school location to obtain an appointment for best and safest service.

We provide health services in strict accordance with NM Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and UNM best practices for safety during COVID-19 activity.

  • Behavioral health services: Including emotional wellness screening and counseling, therapy, psychiatry, substance use counseling and appropriate referrals when needed.
  • Medical care: including EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment) exams and other wellness exams, immunizations, sports physicals, reproductive and sexual health services, injury and illness care (not COVID-19 related); asthma and obesity care and care coordination.
  • Case Management for students receiving medical and/or BH services at SBHC.

We can provide all school required immunizations except for varicella, which requires a freezer. Our middle school and high school SBHC sites provide immunizations. Please see contact phone the listed number for your child's school to schedule appointments for immunizations. Elementary students needing immunizations can be seen at our middle school SBHCs.

Dental services offered at East San Jose Elementary School, Van Buren Middle School and Highland High School include preventive dental treatment (i.e., cleanings, fluoride and sealants) for all students with informed consent signed. Fillings and crowns can be offered at the UNM Dental clinic. Students are not charged for services, but insurances will be billed if student has insurance. Please call at the number listed for your school to schedule an appointment.

Licensed masters level therapists, child and adolescent psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, pediatricians, and case manager/social workers.

Call the clinic through the listed phone numbers to schedule appointments for all offered services. Psychiatry services can be scheduled at select sites after patients are seen by SBHC primary care provider or therapist. Patients will be seen regardless of ability to pay.

For other questions, contact Priscilla Juarez, UNM SBHC Program Office Supervisor, at 505-272-5132.