COVID-19 Call Center for Personnel

Updated COVID Return to Work Guidance: Improvements to the COVID Call Center Access and COVID Access

Beginning today, January 11, 2022, we will use an easier way to report COVID symptoms and get scheduled for testing without having to call the COVID Call Center. Please review the information below

Symptom Reporting

Use this link and follow the instruction it gives if you are experiencing new onset or worsening symptoms and feel you may need COVID-19 testing.

Test Reporting

Use this form and follow the instructions it gives if you have been sent for testing by the UNM Health System COVID Call Center or if you are reporting a positive test obtained elsewhere. 

If you have obtained a negative test elsewhere, you still require triage from the COVID Call Center. Please call at (505) 515-8212 if asymptomatic or use the symptom reporting form above if you have symptoms. Testing is free. 

Exposure Reporting & 14 Day Symptom Survey 

Use this form and follow the instructions it gives if you need to report an exposure to a COVID-19 positive person, have traveled, or have been told you need to complete a 14-day symptom survey.