Medical Records

Under state and federal law, a parent or guardian may access their underage child’s records, with a few exceptions. To request a copy of your child’s UNM Health System medical records, please fill out a disclosure form:

We encourage parents and older children to read the notice of privacy practices [PDF] to understand your rights to personal health information.

Confidentiality Exceptions

A minor may consent to certain care that does not require parental or guardian consent. The minor can legally choose to keep this information confidential and control access to the disclosure of his or her medical records.

This includes information on sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, contraception and mental health.

An unemancipated minor 14 years of age or older has the legal right to consent to and receive medically necessary healthcare. The minor must be living apart from the minor’s parents or legal guardian. This minor has the exclusive right to consent to disclosure of their health records.