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Get unmatched emotional support and family-centered education
from the largest Child Life team in New Mexico.

Child Life

Illness, injury and hospitalization can take an emotional toll on children and their families. The Child Life team at UNM Children’s Hospital is specially trained to support your family's mental health and cultural needs. 

New Mexico's Largest Child Life Program

Our goal is to support your child's normal routine and development as your family manages their health condition. From pre-admission hospital tours to special entertainment events for families, Child Life offers you and your child a full network of support. 

You and your child will interact with certified child development specialists and volunteers who will: 

  • Advocate for your family's needs 
  • Connect you with your child’s care team 
  • Guide your child through art, play, music and pet therapy
  • Ease your child's fears about treatments or procedures 
  • Educate the family on pain management 
  • Help your child transition back to school  
  • Prepare your child for an MRI with special movie goggles! 

 Games, Toys & More at UNMCH

Kids get to be kids at UNM Children's. We'll engage your child in their favorite activities, safely. Check out our video of a day in our Child Life program to learn more.